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Cosmetic Tattoo Visor

Protect your cosmetic tattoos while showering with our cosmetic tattoo visor. They’re easy to apply, offer an extra strong hold and allow you to maintain your cosmetic tattoos for longer periods of time.

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Arch Artists Visor

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Our visors have an extra strong hold so that you can protect your cosmetic tattoo work and easily repel water droplets in the shower. Perfect for when you need to wash your hair, these visors cover and protect the brow and eye area from getting wet as the water cascades over the visor. Following proper aftercare and avoiding water will give you better results and longer lasting treatments

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The Arch Artist Visor is made to reflect water particles preventing any water from touching the eyebrows, and face when showering.

The shower visor has been thoroughly tested and has received the highest reviews for its convenience and effectiveness when used in the shower.

Depending on your location shipping can range between 3- 7 business days locally. We can also ship all over the world and your shipping estimation time can be determined based on your location when you check out.

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